From pre event to post event we will take care of all aspects of event waste, ensuring it is managed sustainably. 

The waste diversion process begins with the pre event consultation, where we sit down with you and go over all your event details. We suggest waste diversion strategies and assist in their implementation. We also act on behalf of the event to garner municipal support to the events waste diversion program. Further we also provide event cleaning and waste bin rentals in house to better serve your needs, in addition we organize a vendor information session to go over the roles and responsibilities of the vendors have to the waste diversion process and the tools and support our team will provide. 

Shortly before your event begins we ensure that all waste stations and anti-littering signage is put in place. Throughout the event our teams will go around changing waste bins and removing litter off of the floor, in order to maintain a high level of cleanliness. If the event is multi day, our teams will ensure that all garbage is changed and there is no litter on the floor at the end of each night and that your event space is good as new for the next day. 

After the event, our consultants will draft up a waste diversion report for your event in an effort to keep the event planners up to date on the environmental impact of the event as well as to practically factor into decision making for future events. Beyond this our consultants will continue to liaise with the municipal authorities to update them on the waste diversion effort, as is required in most municipalities. 

These services can be part of the full service waster diversion or stand alone services based on your needs. Please contact us in order to book your free in-person consultation. 

Event waste station and 40 yard bin supply
Volunteer event cleaning package
Vendor waste diversion policy
Liaison with Municipal Authority
Event Waste Diversion Strategy